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Crossfade lengths

I have a request. In Settings > Crossfade Threshold:

Would it be possible to increase the Crossfade Threshold limit to 2mins 30 seconds?

I run a Radionomy station and would like to switch it to live mode using LiveWebDJ/iCastCenter. But I need a 2 minute break insert without crossfading. At the moment LiveWebDJ crossfades anything at the two minute mark. So a number above 2 minutes (ie. 2'30") would be ideal. I can only broadcast 1 file in that  2 minute segment, so airing two 1 minute files is not an option.

Could this possible?

This may be possible. We'll definitely update this thread if we can make it happen for you.

That would be great. I look forward to it.

Any movement on offering a longer non-crossfade length?

Shame you haven't updated your service with the ability to insert a 2 minute music file with no autofade. I've had to cancel this service because I was using it with Live365 which is now closed. My new provider Radionomy need a 2 minute insert with no autofade. I asked months ago in anticipation of this but nothing was done. I think you are losing a lot of business by not updating your service. Especially wiht the changes to the US webcasting environment. I was aslo relaying LiveWebDJ through iCastCenter which I've alos had to cancel. I fear you will be loing a lot of business by failing to update your services.

This feature has now been updated to allow for up to 3 minutes + 5 seconds.

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