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 I would like the ability to export libraries into a .csv file

You can now download your full media library to a .csv file. 

1) Make sure you have either the "Global Accessibility" or the "Media & Playlists Accessibility Override" settings enabled. You can do this under Settings -> Accessibility Settings.

2) Click on "Media & Playlists" from the left hand menu. Click on "Export Library To .csv" in the table header.

The "Export" option is not visible.

See attached.

(266 KB)

Please note the export option is only available while viewing all of your media, as it exports your complete library. In the screenshot you provided, you were viewing a specific playlist, rather than all of your media.

At this time, exporting a specific playlist is not available. However, that feature will be added soon.

Still not added three years later.

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