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Listener Count Always 0

Hello To All,

Since I am new to LiveWebDJ, I was wondering if any one would know the reason why my listener count always shows 0 and my peak listeners is always 0 when I know I have listeners currently, according to my Centova Cast console.

Just curious to see what the community thought.


Hi Barry,

When i open livewebdj in my browser it shows 0 everything for me also. I have to click on the livewebdj logo directly above my username at the top of the page then it refreshes and shows correct listener info.

Hope that helps


Thanks for the response Dave. Come to find out my encoder was set to Shoutcast v1 and not 2.

That was changed and changed the Server Stream ID to 1 and all is well with the world!

Thanks so much for your feedback!


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