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Intermittent audio glitching

Just wondering if there is a way to monitor the actual streams of our stations that are generated by LiveWebDJ? I have been experiencing issues with my station having short, intermittent audio glitches. These occur at various intervals. During some songs, it might happen one or two times, whereas other times it will happen every 10-15 seconds. I have the stream relayed to my Live365 acct, so not sure where the issue is occurring. I do have another station on Live365 where the stream is fed from a Centovacast host, and that station is not experiencing those intermittent audio gltiches as the one that originates on LiveWebDJ, so I would imagine that could very well be where the problem is coming from Just trying to see if I could hear the actual stream from LiveWebDJ so I could tell if the issue begins there or is due to the relay at Live365? Is anyone else experiencing these kinds of periodic audio glitches, or know what might be causing them/how to resolve it? Thanks!


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I contacted support about this issue with a ticket and they did reply back that they had noted the issue as well when monitoring my stream, but was unsure if the problem was with LiveWebDJ or Live365. I mentioned in the original email to support that I had already rebooted the stream once already but this did not resolve the problem and the glitching audio (noise) is still occurring. Live365 is not wanting to pursue this issue to determine if it lies with them UNTIL LiveWebDJ investigates the matter to see if it is originating with them. I have contacted LiveWebDJ three times since that time and I have not heard a response from them since their initial communication with me last Thursday. i do realize support is busy working with other customers, but I would appreciate *some* response regarding my account, given my ticket was submitted over four days ago. Thank you.
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