Would you like LiveWebDJ to automatically keep TuneIn synchronized with your station's current song title?

Here's the benefits:

  • Listeners will see the artist album artwork on the TuneIn.com player. 

  • Listeners can discover your station by searching for your artists. 

  • Listeners can browse your station's playlist history on TuneIn mobile apps and on TuneIn.com

Step 1:

  • Please e-mail broadcaster-support@tunein.com for permission to use the API.

  • Include your TuneIn station address (search for your station on TuneIn.com)

  • Let them know you're using LiveWebDJ, which is compatible with their API.

Step 2:

  • Please wait until they reply to your e-mail.

  • When they reply, they will send you back your 'Station ID', 'Partner ID' and 'Partner Key'.

Step 3:

  • Login to your LiveWebDJ account.

  • Click on 'Settings'. Then click on 'TuneIn API Integration'.

  • Refer back to the e-mail reply from TuneIn, and copy & paste the following information in the LiveWebDJ window/tab:
  1. Station ID Code

  2. Partner ID Code

  3. Partner Key Code
  • Please make sure that the codes are correct, and that they are entered exactly as provided from TuneIn.

  • Change the 'TuneIn API Integration' setting to 'Enabled'.

  • Once you have completed all steps above, please allow up to 5 minutes for LiveWebDJ to start posting to TuneIn! You can verify that it's working, as you'll be able to see the song titles and the album covers on your station page at TuneIn.com.

    Please Note:

    If after 10 minutes LiveWebDJ has not started updating TuneIn:

    • Verify that the codes in Step 3 have been copied correctly into the LiveWebDJ 'TuneIn API Integration' settings page and that the codes are complete. Please note these codes are case sensitive. 

    • If the codes are correct, make sure that you have the 'TuneIn API Integration' setting enabled within LiveWebDJ. 

    • If LiveWebDJ still is not updating your TuneIn station, please Submit A Ticket and we will assist you. As always, we're glad to help.