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Una quiero del radio

We are looking to relaunch a university radio station with a web-based format in which broadcasts may be made remotely.
Does your live streaming service cover that?
Also, if you have worked with other college radio stations please let me know of comparable solutions.
thank you

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Hi Mike,

LiveWebDJ is "in the cloud" so you upload your tracks and place them onto playlists within LiveWebDJ, and LiveWebDJ automates your station 24/7 for you, without the need of tying up a computer on your end to maintain the broadcast. Having said that, LiveWebDJ also allows you to broadcast remotely from your location, all you need is a Shoutcast compatible encoder to send the audio feed to us, or use software such as "SAM Broadcaster" or "Station Playlist Studio" which either have built in encoders that can send the audio feed to us.

See this video regarding remote broadcasting with LiveWebDJ:


To get started as quickly as possible using LiveWebDJ, check out this video:


how do i get the"livewebdj" software?

LiveWebDJ is a subscription based radio automation system that is in the cloud. There is a monthly cost to subscribe, as described at the bottom of this page:


To signup for a 7 day free trial of LiveWebDJ you can do that here:


For help getting started using LiveWebDJ, we have a knowledge-base here:


And lastly, we also have a video series that walks you through setting up LiveWebDJ, located here:


Has anyone experienced the internal "livewebdj" encoder to stop working,if so how do i resolve this issue?

I would first check your Shoutcast server (your stream host) to make sure it is up and running. That's the usual cause.

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