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clockwheel and local time

 I would like to be able to schedule a regular clockwheel change and be able to change the default time to my country time.

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Hi Dave!

So you'd simply like a local time zone option built into LiveWebDJ? That is on our road map. 

The reason that hasn't already been implemented is because time zone conversions are tricky to get just right, so we want to be sure we do it right the first time :)

If you're looking for something else, please reply back and let us know.

Hi John

Also to be able to schedule a recurring clockwheel event.




That also is on our roadmap for the next update :) 

This feature is undergoing extensive testing right now, working any bugs out before releasing this feature.


Also i have dj named playlists where i store the djs recorded shows. It would be useful if i could then schedule just one of these recorded shows for broadcast without having to create a new playlist and adding the show to it each time then schedule a playlist.
I there was a schedule option for each file would be great.


Recurring clockwheel events are now implemented.

Local time zone is still on the roadmap.

Any news on possible local time adjustments?
UK time changes tonight whereas US doesnt change until 2nd Nov which will mean i will have to change scheduled events start times twice in a week.


@Dave Burton:

You can now schedule DJ recordings directly from the 'DJ Access' page. It will create the underlying playlist like magic.

Local time zone is still on the roadmap, no ETA at this time. We do realize this can cause some headaches, it's a big overhaul to support that, but we do plan on tackling that soon.

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