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Clockwheel intro tag and ending tag

I am not sure how people are using LiveWebDJ clockwheels, but in my case I would love to be able to assign an intro file that plays once at the beginning of a clockwheel. In the same turn a ending tag to assign a file to play at the end of a clockwheel.

I normally don't play things via playlists except when I go live. Most of the time I use clockwheels to run music types for a certain length then switch the clockwheel.  Having and intro and ending tag for the clockwheels would make my station sound much improved.

Of course I could go and spend hours creating and managing playlists to accomplish this, but isn't that defeating one of the reasons we use automated systems? I have tried something of a workaround in the past but it became a scheduling nightmare.

Anyway, just my thoughts on something I would like to be able to do.

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Update 10.23.2014:

We now support flushing the queue within both 'Load Playlist' and 'Switch Clockwheel' events. While flushing the queue on a 'Switch Clockwheel' event will not interrupt the current track playing, as always, a 'Load Playlist' event will no matter what (to assure the event begins at the exact scheduled time).

Intro and possibly outro tracks may still be added in the future. We haven't crossed that out at this time.

I agree that a flush queue feature for events would be very very useful for everyone, especially for events that happen in under a 60 minute interval. We'll make a higher priority on that!

Hey John,

After the many months I've been using LiveWebDJ I understand what the queue is doing in the look ahead timing. I made many queue mistakes early on to figure out what was happening. I think it is a good way to handle things. I also have tried to create clock wheel events less than 30 minutes and it just makes a mess of things. So I now never try to create a clock wheel event to trigger without at least 60 minutes before it triggers. The only exceptions are when I mess things up (I've screwed up clock wheels enough, hopefully I've learned) and I need to try and recover by triggering a change to a new clock wheel. But by that time I've made a mess of things and create a new ticket to get you guys to fix my mess. LOL

I imagine that if there was a flush queue option for a clock wheel my foul-ups would be able to take care of themselves once I catch it. It may just save you a TT from me :P

Anyway, keep up the great work.

I just wanted to chime in a point out a couple of things that would be useful to this situation (while we're 'gaining traction' so to speak)....

Clockwheel events, as long as they're spaced out far enough between them, the system already does "look ahead" when it's queuing songs, in an effort to make sure the clockwheel change event happens at the appropriate time. Meaning, you shouldn't really have to worry about what tracks are in the queue (unless you have an insanely large amount of tracks in the queue). Again, this assumes that the clockwheel events are spaced out enough so that the track selector has enough time to look ahead through the queue. For example, say you have an event to change clockwheels at 10PM. Say it's 9:15PM and there's 10 songs in the queue. Then the current song finishes playing at 9:16PM. Then what it does is look ahead through the queue, totals up the time and determines that "oh, the current queue will end at 10:01PM and there's a clockwheel change at 10:00PM, let's queue the next track from the clockwheel the event changes the clockwheel to. I hope this makes sense. 

All that said, it does make the most sense to have a "flush queue" option for a clockwheel event, as well as a "intro file" for each clockwheel. Then you wouldn't have to worry about any of those things. Like I indicated before, I'll reply back on here when we're closer to releasing those features. In the meantime we really do appreciate the discussions going on... keep it up... thanks!

I have tried similar technique to go about with clock wheel intros.

1) I would create a clock wheel with the intro and a couple elements from the playlist for that set clock wheel. 

2) I would schedule the Intro clock wheel at the scheduled time I selected (say 11:00am).

3) I would then schedule the regular clock wheel at 11:05am. This would let the intro play and start off a song or two in the correct playlist. Then switch to the normal playlist for the duration of the clock wheel. 

4) Since  the clock wheels are setup to pull a random song from a given playlist the intro clock wheel never played the same songs after the intro played.

5) I would schedule intro clock wheels for each regular clock wheel I used. This became very tedious.

Now, I have not looked into this situation since the recurring events went live. Heck, it may make it worth looking into again as the big problem was the daily scheduling of these intro clock wheels into the schedule.

Of course with an clock wheel intro this would be all taken care of. It would also be great to add a queue flush to the into before it plays. It would let one load up the queue with music from the playlist called by the clock wheel. it would be great for the way I use LiveWebDJ.

One thing that you could try while the LWDJ guys are 'gaining traction' is to alternate clockwheels with playlists (each playlist containing just your Intro file).

For example, in Events put:

1) Swap Clockwheel (recurring) with: RetroActive  Begin At: 2014-07-11 09:00:00 (this is the normal clockwheel change event)

2) Load Scheduled Playlist (recurring): IntroRetroActive  Begin At: 2014-07-11 09:00:00 (this plays a playlist that contains the Retro Active intro).

3) Swap Clockwheel (recurring) with:TwilightZone  Begin At: 2014-07-11 11:00:00 (this changes to next clockwheel 2hrs later )

4) Load Scheduled Playlist (recurring): IntroTwilightZn  Begin At: 2014-07-11 11:00:00 (again this plays a one file playlist - in this case the intro to our Twilight Zone Show segment.

There are 2 problems with using this method.  One is that the Intro files make a hard change-over i.e. at the time they are scheduled to play, they start bang-on that time, cutting off whatever was playing at the time. It doesn't sound too bad as the transition is smooth.

The other problem is that, at say 11:00 am the Intro to a segment plays but, because of the queue already set-up, there will be between 15 to 25 minutes of songs from the previous clockwheel. (in the example above there would be golden oldies playing for 20 minutes instead of  strange and odd-ball songs that we put in the Twilight Zone segment).  I suppose that the timings could be played around with to lessen that effect, but I have not had chance to try that yet.  Of course that over-run could be eliminated once the queue-flushing is introduced.*smiles sweetly at the guys from LWDJ*

Hi Jon,

That's certainly a good feature request, thanks for submitting it! When we start gaining traction on this request, we'll reply back here.

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