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 An option to be able to clear the queue would be useful

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That's a great suggestion, in fact I believe we're already working on a way to flush the queue using an event, as well as a flush button on the dashboard.

I would Like this to happen.


You can now manually flush the queue on your dashboard. Click on "flush the queue" on your dashboard. It's at the top of the track list (one of the headers).

We're still working on doing this from within events. That needs more testing first.

Update 10.23.2014:

We now support flushing the queue within both 'Load Playlist' and 'Switch Clockwheel' events. While flushing the queue on a 'Switch Clockwheel' event will not interrupt the current track playing, as always, a 'Load Playlist' event will no matter what (to assure the event begins at the exact scheduled time).

Since this change went live, the listing for my events are gone. I cannot edit them or delete them. They still show on the widget timeline, but cannot be changed.

Fixed, thanks!

I like the flushing the queue feature.


@Robert Hoerner,

Thanks.. glad to hear that!

Thanks for the update John


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