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Schedule a single dj show file

 I would like to be able to schedule a dj show that i have in my media files instead of having to create a playlist and add this  recorded show each time.

Currently media files have queue,rename,delete options.. Schedule would be very convenient too.

I believe this type of thing is on our road map. What it would need to do is create a playlist specifically for that file as a placeholder for the event. That could certainly happen in a more automated fashion. Great suggestion!

This has been implemented.

How does this work?  Pre-recorded shows change on a weekly or daily basis.

How can I make sure the new file is uploaded and overwrites the previous version?

Dennis: This feature currently works regarding a recorded live dj broadcast (a broadcast that is done using the 'DJ Access' account feature). 

I believe what you want to do is simply create an ordered playlist. Then place your track for that show on that playlist. Then create an auto recurring event to air this show on it's weekly schedule.

Then every week when you get the new track for the show, upload it to the system, then during import, name the artist & title of the track *exactly the same* as the track you want to replace (i.e. last week's show) and import. It will overwrite. The important thing is to make the track named exactly the same.

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