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Initial Setup & "Active Playlists"


I have a number of manually added playlists that I have been populating over the last few days.  In the initial setup wizard, it's returning the following message for Step 3. 

I have roughly 6GB uploaded to my playlists. I know there should be enough unique artists so I'm a little confused...

Not Done 0/10 current unique artists on active playlists [click here to add songs to playlists]
     Add your media to any of the following playlists: "General Rotation" or "Station IDs".

A few questions about this message...

1) What does "active playlists" mean?

2) Why aren't the other playlists I created mentioned in the "Add your media to  any of the following playlists..." section?

3) Am I required to add media to the "General Rotation" and/or "Station IDs" playlists?  

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Hi Jason,

It's best to post this type of thing in a support ticket, so that we can find your username and take a look at what's going on for you with your specific account. You'll get faster help directly from us in a ticket.

That said, the current active clockwheel determines what playlist(s) are "active". Chances are you switched to a clockwheel that is trying to pull from a limited number of playlists and the number of unique artists among those playlists do not meet the minimum requirements.

The other playlists aren't mentioned in the "add your media to..." on that message because it's only showing you the playlists that are on the current active clockwheel. The current active clockwheel is what tells LiveWebDJ what playlists to select tracks from.

You're only required to add media to the playlists that are on the current active clockwheel. So if the current active clockwheel is pulling from only "General Rotation" and "Station IDs" then those are the playlists you want to add your tracks to. It sounds like you've went through and already added them to other playlists. If that's the case, then what you'll want to do is make sure that the playlists you have added tracks to are on your current active clockwheel.

I hope this makes sense. If you would like further one on one help from us, feel free to submit a support ticket. We're more than happy to assist.

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