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New Track silence trimming and Volume Normalization

I decided to go ahead and enable the Track Silence trimming feature on my library.Everything appeared to go fine and things sounded normal.

After I noticed the process had completed on my library (about 3 days), I added some music to my library. Being it was only about a dozen songs I decided to let the system take care of the editing and normalization. I usually normalize my songs before I upload them.

Well, I saw from my increase in library totals that the new songs had been 'processed.' I was going to queue one of the new songs I uploaded to see how it sounded, but one was already in the queue. When it played, my ears were blown. I had to quickly turn the volume down. The track sounded as if no normalization had occurred. Not sure this was a bug on one song so I queued up one more from the upload. Upon playback, boom! same thing.

I'm going to delete these tracks and upload them the way I have been doing it by normalizing it first. I'm about to think this may be an issue with normalization after the encoding after the trimming process.

Thanks for letting us know. We'll do some additional testing on our end to see if it is something on our end.

How do you normalize your MP3s before uploading them?

I use MP3Gain to normalize and cut clipping.

Yeah that's what happens on our end too. Can you open a ticket and attach a non normalized MP3 that you previously used and got really loud results with? Thanks!

Done, and thanks for looking into this

Has this been fixed because I would like to utilize this on my tracks.


I'm having no problems with this feature any more. depending upon how many files need to be processed will determine how long it takes to trim/recode/normalize.

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