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editing recurring events behavior

I just wanted to tag onto this discussion with something concerning recurring events that got me in a bind (thanks John for your help as always).

I had apparently edited a recurring event at one time and did not realize that the clock wheel drop down will revert back to the top listed clock wheel for your setup. In my case it reverted to the DEFAULT clock wheel. What got my station in trouble was that I did not have anything setup in the default clock wheel. So LiveWebDJ tried to load it and nothing played. This usually hangs LiveWEbDJ and requires an embarrassing trouble ticket submission stating my oversight.

I would like to see when one edits an existing recurring event that the clock wheel filed stays on the current one. This would eliminate such a situation as I ran into. If you want to change the clock wheel or any other option you can. Just don't change the event's currently selected clock wheel during edit.

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Beverly Hunter-Shackelford

Hi Jon,

This 'bug' has been fixed. Thanks for the suggestion.


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