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Using Live Web DJ as a automatic Backup to a live stream

Hello - Anyway to have the "Web Live DJ " act as an automatic backup  to  live station.  In other words stream the live station ( As a DJ Feed ) and if the stream goes down the Live Web DJ senses the failure and kicks in automatically.   Once the Live stream comes back online the Web Live DJ would segue back to the live stream.    

This would be real handy and large plus (+) in our Hurricane prone part of the world ( South Florida ) .


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Hi Doug,

Yes in fact very many stations do this! Watch this video to find out how:

 Yes, This is what I'm doing with Livewebdj It call a failsafe system. Also I'm using it to encode multi servers without using a trancoder. My Sam Broadcaster in the pass has crash while I was away from studio and was broadcasting dead air. This would keep station on air and listener would not know any thing happen.

Thanks Robert for the insight in to what you do.   Doug Sinclair 

Robert -  As a past user of SAM Broadcast, I felt your pain -  ( SAM has a new version available that came out a few weeks ago - you may be able to upgrade those issues away.....  Also may I suggest you check out Station Playlist Studio automatic Software........   it is rock solid and never crashes (never is a long time - but I have never had a crash in the last year that the program caused), it is easy to use and Ross, the software's designer,  provides excellent support.   We have 04 live stations using his program and never have any issues.     Literally you can run up to 08 live stations on 01 computer (Depends on processor and memory of course).

Doug Sinclair

Magic Oldies Florida

SPL is great software! We're actually in talks with them to get some promo codes to pass out.

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