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Encoder Station Genre Options - Setup Directory info Slot

HI Web Live DJ Staff -  Looking to be able to name genres in  the Radio Station information in the Setup of the encoder other than the current canned options.

Magic Oldies Florida is my station name - In my case I have an Oldies Station and would like the Main Genre to be Oldies, then Sub Genres -   60's,    70's,    80's.

This way the station would show up in internet directories under those heading - now we can not do this.......

Right now you only have Pop as the Main Genre, then the Sub Genre 1 - Oldies; with no options to add the other categories.   It would nice to be able to type in your genre and off the station owner goes

I agree.
My station plays soul & funk and neither are an option in genres.
This is a very important update request for those requiring their own specific genres.


The genres are based upon the structure that is used by Since LiveWebDJ only supports Shoutcast streams that may be the reason for the choices as offered.

Ah yes i see it on shoutcast. my genre is hidden inside a general r&b urban genre.


Yes that is correct (what Jon said). The genres are based on and since they only allow a single genre, you can only select a single genre. Therefore, if you're broadcasting to a Shoutcast server, there is absolutely no reason to have multiple genres since they don't reference anything anyway. 

OTOH, broadcasting to an Icecast server I believe they have different genres and allow multiple genres for their directory. That said, I believe you can override the station info for a particular mount point in the Icecast config file.

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