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Icecast Support

I looked to see if anyone had opened a topic concerning adding support for Icecast to LiveWebDJ.

I for one would love to more to Icecast but LiveWebDJ is my bread and butter and I love it. Simple, yet very powerful.

I understand their may be technical issues but I guess I am just curious.

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We currently do not support Icecast, natively. That's not to say that you can't still broadcast to Icecast using LiveWebDJ.

Icecast has a little known feature called "Shoutcast Compatible" ports. Essentially, what this means is that your stream host provider can configure a 2nd port, with Shoutcast compatibility turned on. This means that LiveWebDJ can broadcast to your Icecast server on this 2nd/back-door port on your Icecast server. Of course, it does have to be properly configured for it to work correctly. 

For a no non-sense stream host that will deploy this feature without a hitch, you can checkout our sister site:

If you operate your own Icecast server on your own server, refer to this documentation, just search for the term "Shoutcast" on this page:

We are pleased to announce that LiveWebDJ now fully supports Icecast2 (including Icecast-KH). 

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