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More Control with Separation Rules

Overall, we've been happy with how the separation rules work.  It would be great to see the following features implemented...

I'd like to see the separation rules be applicable on a per-playlist basis as opposed to one setting that applies to all playlists.  For example, "Playlist A" has a separation rule of 2hrs applied to it; "Playlist B" has a separation rule of 6hrs applied to it; etc.

I'd also like to see increased options for the separation rules (ie 12hrs., 18hrs, 24hrs, 36hrs, etc.).  This would be great to really mix up some of the heavier playlists.

Thanks for all the hard work!

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That is an interesting feature, to be able to set separate separation rules on a per playlist basis. That may be something we could implement!

I would also like to see separation rules on a per playlist basis, but something that would really be helpful especially for us would be the ability to only separate by title and not by artist. A 10 minute threshhold is too high. it would be nice to completely separate artist separations entirely.

We will definitely have to consider these points.

Some progress being made on separation rules, we now support an expanded selection up to 48 hours.

Update 10.22.2014:

Being able to override the global separation rules per playlist is now implemented. Keep in mind that by default, the global separation rules apply.

Global Separation Rules:

Settings -> Global Separation Rules

How to override this for a specific playlist:

Media & Playlists -> Select to edit your playlist -> Click to manage separation rules

If you don't see a "manage" link for a specific playlist, keep in mind:

a) Separation rules can only be applied to "shuffled" playlists.

b) Separation rules must be "applied" to the playlist first. 

Happy broadcasting!

Nice work!  I'll test this out and will let you know if I have any questions.

Thank you so much.

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