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Track selection logic

 I would like to be able to to program track selection logic.

For example the default clockwheel could be made from general tracks in a playlist with songs being played using a choice of the the following selection methods.

Least played song

Least played artist

Random selection

These are a few examples that would help rotate the songs in a large library to achieve a good and varying mix using the complete catalogue of files.

Hi Dave,

Right now it's just random selection, using artist and title separation rules to avoid repeats too often. We do understand what you're asking and will consider it for a future update... thanks!

We've made some progress towards your suggestion. We have now implemented the ability to apply separation separation rule settings on a per-playlist basis. This is now done by going to:

Media -> Select the playlist -> Separation Rules [manage]

So now "playlist A" can have more strict separation rules where "playlist B" can have less strict separation rules, etc.

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