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Question about playlist

I'm attempting to do a promo for my station, so that no song repeats from 9 am to 9 pm.  I know I can create an ordered playlist for that, but to do so, I am assuming I would have to manually rearrange the order of the songs each day, so the songs would not play in the same order as the previous day. Is there any way I can set up a playlist to play songs randomly where the same song does not repeat in a 12 hr period?

The way the separation rules work are that if you have Artist separation set to 3 hours, and title separation set to 3 hours, the same track from the same artist won't play within 3 hours. 

Say you have an artist separation set to 4 hours, but the title separation set to 2 hours, that means that another track from another artist with the same track title can play after the 2 hour time frame, and any track from the original artist can't play for 4 hours. 

Does this help explain how it works with LiveWebDJ?

Thanks, yes those are clear.  I had wanted something like artist and title separation both around 45 minutes, but didn't want an individual track to repeat in something like 12 hours.

The way the separation rules are described are for artist or title, but it doesn't say it prevents a unique track (ie; artist AND title combination, or filename) from repeating in a set time.  Is there a way to set a separation for individual tracks in a playlist?


This is accomplished using separation rules. Settings -> Separation Rules. We now support (as of this writing) up to 48 hours.

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