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Delete Multiple Songs Attached to Playlists

Hi. Thank you for the Live Web DJ Service. It is fantastic and it suits us very well. At the moment, we are restructuring our automation, and we have about 800 songs we no longer need. We want to delete them and make way for others. All the songs are attached to one playlist only, so I have a choice. I can either search for each song individually and delete it, that is too big a task. Alternatively, I can load the playlist containing all the songs, and delete them one by one from there. This is more achievable, but it would be nice to be able to check all the songs in the playlist and remove all those songs from the library at once. I accept you can remove songs from a playlist by checking the Check all check box, however that doesn't remove all the songs from the library which is what I want to do. but again, I absolutely love the service, and thank you!

Great suggestion!

This has been implemented. When you are editing a playlist, an option is now present from the drop down menu to delete the selected tracks.

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