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I am going to be setting up clock wheels at my station and was wondering if they switch seamlessly, or if the song in clock wheel currently playing will be abruptly cut off by the next clock wheel scheduled?

Also, if a live DJ comes on, does the clock wheel act like the normal general rotation--ie: does the song that was playing before the DJ come on continue playing where it was when the DJ took the stream? I am assuming so.

Say "Clock Wheel One" runs until midnight and then "Clock Wheel Two" takes over and runs until 6AM.  A DJ is on from 10PM to 2AM, will the song that was playing in "Clock Wheel 1" continue or will "Clock Wheel 2" take over and start fresh when the DJ logs off at 2AM? I am also assuming this is correct.

Thanks in advance for the help!

There's a checkbox button on whether or not you want the clockwheel switch to interrupt the track currently playing or not. So that's totally optional. There are cases where that's needed, and other cases where it is not.

When a remote DJ comes on with his or her broadcast, whatever track is playing gets faded down, and the live remote broadcast gets faded in, according to your crossfade time. The track that was playing gets paused and will continue playing where it left off when the DJ disconnects.

Yeah, it it all sorted, but thank you, John!!!

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