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TuneIn Radio API help

I recently received the okay message from TuneIn to link my Partner Key and other two codes for my station, but upon following this site's instructions, ("Log in to your account/click settings"), I am only met with tutorials when i click "Settings", and I'm completely stumped. Where is the area where I can link the codes to my TuneIn station? 

In your livewbdj dashboard click settings then Tunein API integration is 3rd from bottom.


Do you happen to know why the current song information is not appearing on my station even after I posted all of the codes and such?
Do you have special characters in your Shoutcast source / admin passwords?This can cause info to not appear. Passwords should be letters and numbers only. If this isnt the problem i suggest you create a ticket and admins here will help fix it for you.


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