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Deleting playlists


How do I go about deleting a playlist?  Not deleting songs attached to a playlist, but deleting the playlist itself?

If you have the accessibility feature enabled, or the 'mediay & playlists' section override enabled, then you can delete a playlist while editing it by clicking "Click here to delete this playlist" at the top of the page.

Otherwise, if you are using the drag & drop interface, simply drag the name of the playlist you want to delete to the "Delete" action at the top.

I should have seen that link.  DUH!

Next question:  If I delete aplaylist that has media tracks in it, do those tracks move to the "Unplanned" list or are they deleted as well?



If you delete a playlist, and that playlist contains tracks, those tracks are *NOT* deleted and will remain in your library. 

If any of the tracks are also on another playlist, they will still show up on the other playlist(s) that track is on.

If any of the tracks are not on any other playlists, they will show up in the "Unplanned" list.

Bottom line: Deleting a playlist does not delete the underlying tracks.

If you wish to delete all the tracks contained on a playlist, you can select all the tracks on that playlist, then choose to delete them. Then delete the playlist.

To select multiple tracks using the drag/drop interface, simply hold down the shift or ctrl key while making your selections, then drag/drop over the Delete option.

To select multiple tracks using the accessible interface, use the checkbox at the top of the page to auto-select all tracks, then choose the delete option from the appropriate drop down menu.

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