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Preview player

 It would be nice to be able to fast forward when using the preview player

That's a great suggestion!

And maybe a non flash version as well. The embedded player on my website is html5 and i would like to uninstall flash completely from my pc for security reasons.


Hi John,

Any thoughts on using an html5 version of the preview player as the likes of Java and Flash are being discontinued due to safety issues.

I understand your player code is safe but the rest of the w,.w.w. is upgrading to more secure coding and it is now time to uninstall flash and java from my pc.

We are working on that and it should be included in an upcoming update. It's still at least a month or two out, however.

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Any news on an updated preview player?

It is something being worked on. I apologize I can't provide an exact ETA.

The preview player is 100% HTML5 (non-Flash) now. Fast forwarding is not possible yet, however.

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Any news if the preview player can be fast forwarded to another part of the song yet?


Not as of right now. We are certainly going to implement that if we can, however. It's on the roadmap to be investigated to see if it's feasible or not. The intention with the preview player for tracks originally was more or less to verify the track exists and plays. We didn't initially see a need to fast forward, etc since we don't have a way to edit/split the track.

Update: The preview audio player will now seek. When playing an audio track, simply click the mouse within the player to adjust it's playing position.

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Does this require an on air/off air restart as its currently not moving along the preview track clicking the mouse further ahead.

No need to go off air. It's a UI change, so to fetch the update now before your browser cache expires, simply logout and log back in again. If that doesn't do it, in Chrome (assuming you're using Chrome) press Ctrl + Shift + R to force reload.

Perfect thanks John it works great.

You're welcome

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