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Confused about using SAM Broadcaster and Multiple DJs

Does each remote DJ need to have their own SAM Broadcaster license?


Hi David,
To connect to Livewebdj you can use many available sources including free ones like B.U.T.T.for your remote dj's.This method you can have as many remote dj's as you want for free but if you want to use Sam products i believe you would need to subscribe to their Sam Broadcaster Live Dj package to allow remote djs access.
Not sure if this is the answer you wanted but hopefully might help.


Hi Dave,

Thanks for your response.

I'm aware that there are many applications out there to connect to LiveWebDJ, some better than others. I want to go with SAM Broadcaster because of its ease of use because the DJs are not very technical and need software that can turn on with minimum tweaking. 

My question was really about how each DJ gets access to LiveWebDJ irrespective of the broadcast application they use.

Live DJs tutorial Video 2 explains how to connect very well and how sequencingh is managed but it does not describe how different DJs actually connect from their  broadcaster app. I am assuming that each DJ sets up an independent connection to LiveWebDJ from SAM Broadcaster or EinAmp with DSP Plug-in etc when they need to go on air. If I use SAM Broadcaster, that means purchasing a separate SAM Broadcaster license for each DJ and that's $300 a pop.

So, am I missing a fundamental concept in LiveWebDJ's method of connection? 

 You can add dj's from the dj access page in livewebdj.

For example you want to add john to your dj team.

Click on ADD DJ then put john in username box and give him a password of your choice,lets say superstar.

Now johns encoder password will be john:superstar

This info will show up in dj list below(note the colon between john and superstar,this is important.

Now your dj has a password you should give him the IP number at the top of the dj access page along with the port number.

Note he should set his encoder to the same settings that you are using to broadcast.

lets say you use mp3 with shoutcast v1 at a bitrate of 128kbps 44.1khz stereo.

John must set his encoder to these settings too.

Now to connect all he needs to do is press play on his encoder and your nonstop stream will fade out and he will fade in. When finished doing his show all he need do is press stop on his encoder and your nonstop stream will kick in again.

 you can add as many dj's as you like using this method with different names and passwords.

 Are you using sam broadcaster to automate your nonstop music and if so do you have it playing through livewebdj ok?

Hope some of this is of help but feel free to ask more if need be,



Yes everything works with one DJ (me) using SAM Broadcaster streaming and talking, I've got all 4 DJs set up in LiveWebDJ with different credentials. What video 2 is missing is a statement to say that each remote DJ accesses their account on LiveWebDJ via their own encoder and if it is SAM Broadcaster that means an investment of $300 each.

Winamp and Mixxx was working but the Windows 10 upgrade is not compatible with Mixxx so I'm looking around for a mixer/encoder to replace Mixxx. I'm looking at your suggestion BUTT right now.

Thanks for your help :-)

So if i understand correctly you use sam at home to broadcast your own show to livewebj and when you finish your show the music files on livewebdj kick in again until the next time you broadcast?
If this is correct then your djs dont need to buy sam licences at all.
They just connect to livewebdj using butt or a similar free encoder and of course have some sort of software like VirtualDj or an external mixer setup.


This article from the Spacial web site may help explain the new DJ Seat license policy.  It's integrated into SAM Vibe now.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but it looks like Spacial has designed their new licensing model to try to lock out LiveWebDJ users from using DJ seats, in favor of their own cloud automation system. Very interesting. I'm seeing lots of people switching to RadioDJ ( ) and other free broadcasting software in conjunction with LiveWebDJ.

Its hard to argue against the use of free software to achieve the same goals when using SAM which was the way i used to run my station before discovering LiveWbDJ.

I can schedule events and use as many as 6 encoders for different stream qualities and as mentioned in my previous post all of my dj's can connect for free using B.U.T.T. which is quite simple to set up.

I would recommend giving the 30 day free trial a go and see the comparison in functionality and pricing between SAM and LiveWebDJ.

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