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EVENTS CALENDAR : Can we have 1 month at a time?

 Hi, I have events that run weekly for DJs and I just swap the programme each week so it runs without having to create a new event.  However, I also have DJs that only do their broadcasts once every 2 weeks or once monthly.  Would it be possible for you to give us a monthly scheduler as opposed to a weekly one, for regularly scheduled events?  As it is the only ones I can list without having to input each time are the ones that run each week.

What I've recommended in the past for bi-weekly or monthly shows is for example if the show is the first monday of every month: to schedule the show to recur every week on Monday. Then although that event will trigger that playlist once a week every Monday, if that playlist is empty, nothing will get queued and it gets skipped over. So in this case, if you only have the MP3 of the show for that one Monday it's supposed to air, then it will only air that specific Monday. I hope this helps.

Ok i see what you mean now. To schedule a playlist as a regular event is indeed only possible in a 7 day period whereas a one time event you can use the calendar feature.

So you could create lots of one time events for the fortnightly or monthly DJs in advance for the time being and open a support ticket to John explaining the feature request you would like regarding having more than  just 7 days available to schedule regular playlists.

I hope this helps.


Sorry I forgot to answer the part about the playlist.  Yes, for each DJ I create a playlist.  Then I schedule that playlist to swap in at the given time on the day they are due to broadcast.  Then all I do is update the playlist with the new broadcast when I get a new one.

Hi Dave,

They broadcast at the same time and same day either once a week, once a fortnight or once a month.  The only ones I can schedule and leave [and then just update the broadcast mix] are the ones that go on each week.

The broadcast team all send me their MP3 format one or two hour mix and I upload it, tag it and then it's on the system for the slot in the same way I would with a single track.


Hi Karen,

Do the dj's play on regular days of the week if they can only do shows fortnightly or monthly?

Do the djs connect to livewebDJ directly or send their shows to you for you to schedule?

Say for example dj #1 plays monthly you can create a playlist and add his show to that playlist then schedule it to play at regular intervals each month.Update his show in the playlist once it has been played.

Is this what you mean or is it something completely different you require.


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