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Broadcast to multiple servers

I do a live Football Scoreboard show on Friday nights in the fall and would like to broadcast to multiple servers. Is there a way to do that through Live Web DJ? 

Live Web DJ has up to 6 encoders available so as long as you have 6 streams to broadcast to on different servers then you can do it yes.

Just want to point out, for clarity, that LiveWebDJ has an addon that unlocks the additional 6 output encoders for $5/mo. You don't have to use all 6, but you would need that addon to broadcast to more than one stream at a time.

Thanks, yes I understand the add on. So I take it I would set up the address of an additional server in Encoder 2 and leave it off until I wish to simulcast what I am broadcasting on Encoder 1. Then is it just a matter of drop down to MP3 to engage the signal to  be sent to the additional server? 

Not exactly. LiveWebDJ was designed that all output encoders are on (that are activated in the dropdown). If you change the status of an encoder to off, for example, it won't shut off until you restart LiveWebDJ. If you want a 3rd party station or stream to broadcast a show, you should have them relay your stream for the duration of the show.

Alternatively for your live show, assuming you have sufficient upstream capacity on your local Internet connection, you could broadcast directly to each stream from your end.

 I am glad to read it.

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