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DJ Access Blackout checkbox for recurring events

Hi Live Web DJ team.
Currently when scheduling recurring events to load playlists, you can opt to flush the queue, and interrupt the currently playing track.
My feature request is that there be a third checkbox added, DJ access blackout.
Currently, a DJ access blackout has to be scheduled as a separate event, and they can't be recurring. We have shows that play out at the same time every week, and we never want a DJ to be able to interrupt them. While the recurring events are now set up and take care of themselves, each week we must go in and schedule all the DJ access blackout events we need, which is really tedious.
Thanks for reading and for the great service.


That's a great suggestion! 

We just released an update where DJ Blackout events can now be recurring events. That should greatly reduce the amount of time it takes. For now, there does need to be a separate event to blackout DJ.

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