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editing large ordered playlists

I'm new here and facing a challenge in editing large ordered playlists.  For a playlist of about 1000 songs or so, adding a new track and placing it exactly in the right position is difficult - the new track gets added to the end, and you have to drag and drop it multiple times per "page" to get it to the top of that page, then move it "up one" to get it to the prior page, then drag and drop again, etc, until finally you get it to the right page and can drag and drop it into the right spot.  A "move to position x" or "move to page x" would save a lot of time.

Also, could the pagination of 100 tracks per page be user-selectable?  Or, could there be a "true" select all (so that one could copy, for example, more than 100 tracks from one playlist to another with one action, instead of copy 100, page down, copy 100, page down, etc)?

Those would be moot if there was a way to export a playlist, edit it on my own computer, then import that again.

These are all great suggestions! I will discuss them further internally. Thanks!

You can now click on the track number while editing an ordered playlist to specify the new location number you'd like to move a track to.

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