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How do I see my station on

Oops!! Sorry that this got posted twice. I did’t realize my first post was in another unrelated thread. Below is my Topic: I have checked the “yes” box in settings to have my station listed on but haven’t been able to see my station listed. Its been over two months now. What am I missing? Also, where do I find my Shoutcast DNS page status info? My station is: TTT Radio Network

Hi Lee,

Just a guess here.

In settings/Stream have you given the stream your station name?

In settings/advanced have you set directory listings Use YP V2 to yes and then stopped/restarted your stream?

If that doesn't get you listed which may take a little while to appear in Shoutcast listings then i suggest you raise a support ticket for John to advise you further.

You also need to follow these instructions to create an authorization code for Shoutcast yellow pages entries otherwise your stream will remain private and not show up as a listed station.

You will also need to set up authhash

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