Here you will find all the media you have uploaded to LiveWebDJ. You will be able to perform
actions to manage your media. This includes previewing a song, renaming/deleting a song,
adding a song to a playlist, adding a song to your queue, along with creating and editing playlists.

The Drag and Drop 'Media & Playlists' Interface

By default, LiveWebDJ provides you with most operations drag and drop enabled. This makes it
very easy to add songs to playlists, and perform various actions related to the management of
your songs. However if you happen to upload more than 500 songs to LiveWebDJ, the Media &
Playlists area of LiveWebDJ switches automatically to the "Accessible" interface. This is because
it progressively keeps taking more and more time to load the drag and drop interface
for this area with the more songs you upload. The Accessible interface loads much faster when
you have a large  media library.

Performing actions is very easy using the drag and drop interface. As you start dragging a
song, the actions that you can do with that song are highlighted in blue. These actions are the
boxes with dashed borders, and you simply drag the song on top of the action you wish to
perform. To select multiple songs to drag to the same action, simply hold down the shift
key while clicking on the song names, this will then highlight each song you select, indicating
ach song that it is selected.

If you would like to quickly search for a specific artist or song name, simply start typing
what you are looking for into the search box at the top. As you type, the list of songs
will be narrowed down to what you're searching for. To display all songs again, simply
press the 'Clear'. To select all songs, click 'Select All'. To un-select all songs, click
'Unselect All'.

The Accessible (Non Drag and Drop) 'Media & Playlists' Interface

Performing operations on this interface is probably more like most websites that you are
used to working with. Your media is presented on a table, with columns, in 100 song
increments. You can perform searches to find the exact song you're looking for. Actions
for each song are provided in the actions column, and a checkbox is provided so you
can select multiple songs. Anytime you use a checkbox, you'll want to scroll all the
way to the top of the page and find the operations under the "With Checked..." drop
down menu. For example, you could select a handful of songs using the checkboxes
and add each of the songs that you checked to the "General Rotation" playlist.

You can use the various drop down menus at the top to perform certain actions, such
as creating a new playlist, editing a playlist, and moving between pages.

LiveWebDJ's Media & Playlists with Drag and Drop:

LiveWebDJ's Media & Playlists accessible, without Drag and Drop: