Clockwheels are the foundation that create the format of your station. In simplest terms, a clockwheel is simply a list of playlists. When LiveWebDJ selects a song to play, the current position in the clockwheel is progressed to the next playlist, then a song is selected from that playlist. LiveWebDJ continually loops through the clockwheel, from top to bottom, every time it makes a decision on what to queue next. We refer to this as "Rotation": when LiveWebDJ is selecting what to play based on it's clockwheel, and you are not playing from a scheduled playlist, broadcasting live through a DJ Access account, or relaying from another Shoutcast server.

For example, if you want LiveWebDJ to play a station ID after every two songs, your clockwheel could look something similar to:

  1. Normal Rotation 

  2. Normal Rotation 

  3. Station IDs

LiveWebDJ's clockwheel pages allow you to create new clockwheels and edit/delete existing clockwheels. You can add to a clockwheel any playlist you already have created. You also are provided the ability to rearrange the order of the playlists within each clockwheel.

Switching Between Clockwheels

Often stations will have more than one clockwheel and switch between them throughout the day. This is how radio stations achieve:

  • Playing from a separate set of Station IDs, Liners or Promos at different times of the day.

  • Having a "throwback lunch hour" that plays only from noon to 1 every day, that selects songs from the 80's & 90's.

To accomplish this, LiveWebDJ provides you with the ability to switch between clockwheels.

More information on creating events are found in the Events section.