You have the power to control many things through Events. An event is simply an action that is performed at a specific date and time.

The following types of events are currently supported:

  • Switch Clockwheel
    An event that will switch the active clockwheel. 

  • Load Playlist  
    An event that will queue an entire 'ordered' playlist. 

  • Relay Another Shoutcast or Icecast Stream 
    An event that will, for a given duration, relay a broadcast from another server. 

  • DJ Access Broadcast Blackout  
    An event that will, for a given duration, not allow any broadcasts by remote DJ's. 

Upcoming Events Timeline

This shows you, in a graphical format, a timeline with all of your events. Each type of event that you create has a specific color, making it easy to identify which type of event is being displayed. Each 'Switch Clockwheel' event is displayed on the timeline with a bullet point over the exact time that event will occur. All other events have a specific duration to them, and the times of which each event spans will be drawn over the timeline. The timeline makes it extremely easy to identify all upcoming events to occur on your station.

A Note About Events

Events will only be processed while your LiveWebDJ account is 'On The Air'. If you shut off LiveWebDJ for any reason, and the time for an event passes, that event will not occur. However, if you return LiveWebDJ back 'On The Air' before the event occurs, then the event will occur as scheduled.