LiveWebDJ is a powerful, yet easy to use web-based Internet radio automation system. It exists in the Cloud and gives you, the Internet radio station owner, the power to create a professional sounding Internet radio station. LiveWebDJ broadcasts to any Shoutcast v1, Shoutcast v2, and Icecast v2 servers. In addition, LiveWebDJ can also broadcast to

What does LiveWebDJ do?

In short, you upload all of your songs that you would like to play on your Internet radio station, and LiveWebDJ will shuffle them for you. It goes way beyond that, however, as you can setup playlists, create custom clockwheels, setup events to perform certain actions, setup DJ access accounts (so you can broadcast live shows) and a whole lot more.

Why do I need LiveWebDJ?

If you run an Internet radio station, you need LiveWebDJ, because it automates the playback of your Internet radio station 24/7. LiveWebDJ is 100% web based and runs in the Cloud, eliminating the need for expensive radio automation software to run on your computer. You can access LiveWebDJ from any computer, anytime and maximizes uptime of your station by eliminating points of failure (your Internet connection, to be specific). If your Internet goes offline or is unstable, your Internet radio station will still be on the air.

OK, but how do my remote DJ's broadcast their live shows?

With traditional auto dj systems, your DJ would need to shut down the auto dj, freeing up the streaming server for them to broadcast live. This is bad as there are several things that can go wrong. First, by disconnecting the auto dj, you're interrupting your stream, which can cause your listeners to lose their connection, or worse, experience dead air or hiccups in the audio, pushing them away from listening to your stream. It creates a bad listener experience. You want the audio output of your station to be non-stop, consistent and buffer free. This also creates many opportunities for things to go wrong, such as your DJ forgetting to turn the auto dj back on.

To fix this issue, LiveWebDJ provides your station with a dedicated, private IP and port for your DJ's to stream to. When a DJ starts streaming to your station, LiveWebDJ will fade out of song rotation and cross fade into the live DJ broadcast for the duration of the DJ's broadcast. When the DJ disconnects their encoder, LiveWebDJ gracefully fades back into song rotation. This is all done gracefully without any interruptions to your audio stream.

Each DJ gets their own unique password, which you can remove at any time. You can even record the DJ's broadcast automatically. 

How do I control how LiveWebDJ selects songs to play?

You can create as many playlists as you need. There are two types of playlists: Shuffled & Ordered. A Shuffled playlist is just that, song playback from this playlist is randomized. An Ordered playlist is where song playback from this playlist is in order, where songs are selected from top to bottom. An Ordered playlist is useful for Station IDs, Promos and Countdown-type shows.

Then, to control which playlists LiveWebDJ plays songs from and when, you add the playlists you create to a clockwheel. You can even create multiple clockwheels and create events to switch between them. You can even create an event to play an ordered playlist at a specific date & time.

Additionally, you can control how often a specific artist or song name is played. LiveWebDJ allows you to set how much time must go by before repeating an artist or song name.